AKC June Chairman's Report

  • June 15, 2018
  • The American Kennel Club

We dog fanciers know that there is nothing quite as wonderful and fulfilling as our Sport. We also know we are our own best advocate.  Since we launched consumer-targeted initiatives like AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Family Dog many years ago, we have pursued a continuous campaign to share the joy of purebred dogs as broadly as possible.  Our new digital channel, AKC.TV, is to date our most innovative and powerful effort to bring the world of AKC directly to the hearts, minds and even hands of the public. 


With AKC.TV, the American Kennel Club is an early adopter of the new branding strategy of streaming content.  As a sport-governing body, a publisher of popular web articles and magazines, and a producer of events with mass appeal, AKC is in a unique position to create and share a significant volume of videos.  Over-the-top digital networks are the new way to broadcast one’s own content over the web, with no television or cable subscription required.  Today, anyone with a cell phone, computer or subscription streaming device like Roku or AppleTV can watch AKC programming, anywhere and anytime. 


Our vision for this network is to build, cultivate and deepen connections between all dog lovers and AKC. Distributing original programming through a channel of our own will expand awareness of our mission and activities by presenting AKC to the public in the way people consume information today.  The growing reliance on mobile phones for information as well as the current consumer trend of “cutting the cord” of cable television mean that AKC can tell our story to a growing audience of new fans who are quickly taking to fully digital platforms.


Launched in April, AKC.TV now boasts hundreds of hours of programming and even a professionally produced, live weekly show hosted by sportscaster Sam Ryan. AKC Events play a central role in the lineup. New programs are being developed and produced on an ongoing basis. For example, a documentary series called “Meet the Breeds” takes an in-depth look at the history and development of our breeds. A lifestyle and living show, “Home is Where the Dog Is,” advises pet owners on the basics of dog care. The “I am a Breeder” series shines a loving light on our fanciers and our sport. We will bring the thrill of competition to the masses by streaming major events like the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin, the National Agility Championship, parent club specialties, and more.  Whether they are show dogs, working dogs, family pets or canine heroes, all purebred dogs will have a home and a place to be celebrated in AKC.TV.


I invite you all to tune in and share your feedback. Tell your friends and fellow club members about this next great step for AKC.  AKC.TV is your channel – for, by and about purebred dog lovers.  We hope you enjoy what you see. 








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