Aramedia and ShowSight Partner with Artist Inesa Balic

  • April 20, 2018
  • Press Release - The AraMedia Group Inc.

The AraMedia Group and ShowSight Magazine are pleased to announce a partnership with artist Inesa Balic-Klicic - to create custom hand illustrated portraits for individuals, families and companies.  VISIT INESA'S WEBSITE - CLICK HERE. 

All subject matter is welcome - from fine line portraits of families, pets, and award winning dogs - to industrial illustration, commercial advertising and more. 

From the time Inesa was a child, her passion has been art, with her specialty being custom illustrations, created solely by hand using a graphite pencil. 

We at AraMedia pride ourselves on partnering with talented individuals. Inesa is one of many talented visual artists we’re partnering with, and we deeply admire the lifelike “photo-realism” quality of the portraits she creates. Her portraits have been be cherished and displayed lovingly in many family homes - and her work has graced the walls of many art galleries. 

Learning the methods of her craft has been a lifelong journey. Inesa has taken the time to learn many techniques and study the masters, to learn all she could about each process. 

Says Inesa, “To me… a blank piece of paper is a world waiting to be discovered. I love finding the light and shadows in a subject and pulling them out from the depths of a sheet of paper. I never work form A to Z, I repeat some details multiple times, always adding new tones on my drawing.

Every home should have a portrait.  A beautifully framed portrait tells visitors, “This is who I love. The people and animals in this drawing are the one’s I carry with me at all times. They are my home.”

Contact us today to arrange for your free consultation. We look forward to helping you create a wonderful artistic statement for your home, office or gift to someone special. 

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