Solving World Peace

  • January 20, 2018
  • By Mary Albee - Producer of Pure Dog Talk

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Laura Reeves often lightens things up with the reminder "that it's just a dog show...we are not solving world peace".  But in our passionate determination to find solutions to our breeds' endangered future, we can sometimes feel that world peace sized answers are what we need.

Perhaps fate, but somehow our grooming tents ended up side-by-side at several dog shows and the conversation began. Endangered breeds, mentors, breeders' rights, education - Laura and I bantered all the topics.  Absent from the conversation was negativity and complaining, woe is me, dogs are dead... only solutions were discussed.  How do we do this, what would happen if, who do we know who could...?

The result?  Pure Dog Talk was born.  A "talking" platform to start the conversation.  A platform to "listen" to powerful ideas of individuals in the dog fancy.  A place for those ideas to be "heard".

As producer, big ideas from an untethered imagination and the strategic means to accomplish them are in my blood.  For 35 years as a stunt coordinator and DGA Director (2nd Unit), we dreamt up crazy ideas and then figured out how to perform and film them.  Success stemmed from the creative strength of the production team, bringing forth their individual talents and the cohesive attitude of "Let's Make It Happen".

A year later and Pure Dog Talk is not just a podcast anymore.  In 2018, we expand more fully into multimedia - Livestream, video, education programs (virtual and live).  The new Breeders' Voice section dives deep into breeding practices and kennel lines.  Our website is getting a new look and feel and will be a definite resource for all.   

We love our breeders. We respect our mentors.  We may have to look and listen beyond ourselves to solve our breeds' "world peace".


"Let's Make It Happen"




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