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ShowSight Magazine was founded by dog show veterans and purebred dog enthusiasts Joe McGinnis and Duane Doll. After publishing other dog related magazines through Doll McGinnis Publications (The Orient Express Pekingese Magazine, The Pom Reader), they saw the need for an All Breed Magazine written by "dog people" FOR "dog people".

Since its inaugural issue, SHOWSIGHT has been called "The Architectural Digest of Dogdom" and .ShowSight's team of Award Winning writers is unmatched for experience, talent, and reputation, and our design is second to none.

​Voted "Most Beautiful Dog Publication In The World", ShowSight has the beauty of a glossy magazine, the impact of an important daily newspaper, and the keepsake qualities of a collector's edition. Within it's pages are the nation's top dogs and the nation's top dog writers. A great deal of space is also devoted to charitable foundations, education and research organizations.

In 2017 ShowSight Magazine and all of it's sibling magazines (Top Notch Toys, The Orient Express, The Doberman Digest and Sight & Scent) were purchased by The AraMedia Group - for the sole purpose of expanding on the beautiful legacy that has already been forged over the course of 30+ years. With an eye on the future, the ShowSight brand will expand online in a variety of new and exciting ways.

ShowSight is distributed at dog shows Nationwide and sent to all AKC judges on request. It is also enjoyed online and in the homes of subscribers worldwide.

It's no surprise that ShowSight is the number one all-breed publication. At ShowSight we are dedicated to seeing purebred dogs thrive; it's evident in everything we do.



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